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Rena' is a very thorough massage therapist. She doesn't let a knot in your body go without her working on it! She is sensitive to what your body needs and adjusts her pressure to what the client prefers. She conveys a good knowledge of anatomy. I always get a good night's sleep, every time she works on me.

Susan Chan

Occupational Therapist,

Director of Rehabilitation

The greatest concern when breastfeeding is not knowing whether or not my newborn daughter is satisfied. As a first time mom, pumping is a duty I was unfamiliar with, and quickly began to loathe. When Rena' walked me through this 4-5 step massage during our telehealth visit, I felt a difference in my breasts almost immediately. They felt full, and ironically, less stressed. My daughter's next feeding was a success! She nursed well and longer without needing to supplement with formula or pumped milk!

Cass Geronimo

Professional Nanny, 

First Time Mom

Rena' is the ultimate massage therapist. She merges skill and clinical knowledge to give your body what it needs. She also works intuitively so that her touch is just the right amount of pressure at just the right place it is needed. It is always an experience of rejuvenation having a massage with Rena'.

Twinkle Mangabat

Physical Therapist,

Director of Rehabilitation

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