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Massage Etiquette

Massage etiquette is important to ensure a comfortable and respectful experience for both the client and the massage therapist. 



It is important to shower before a massage appointment as it shows respect for the therapist and ensures that you are clean and fresh for the session. This not only makes the experience more enjoyable for both parties, but also helps to maintain a hygienic environment. Additionally, showering before a massage can help to relax you and prepare your body for the therapeutic benefits of the treatment. 


It is imperative that individuals adhere to the protocol of canceling appointments if they are feeling unwell in order to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all parties involved. By doing so, not only do you protect yourself from potentially exacerbating your illness, but you also demonstrate consideration and respect for others' well-being. Communicating any symptoms of sickness to us promptly allows for rescheduling or alternative arrangements to be made, minimizing any potential disruptions or risks posed by attending the appointment while unwell. In a professional setting, it is important to prioritize the health and safety of everyone involved, and canceling appointments when sick is a responsible action that aligns with these principles. Thank you for understanding the importance of this practice in preserving a productive and harmonious work environment.


Removing jewelry before a massage is important for several reasons. Firstly, jewelry can get in the way of the massage therapist's movements and techniques, making it difficult for them to provide an effective treatment. It can also be uncomfortable for both the client and the therapist if jewelry gets caught or tangled during the massage. Secondly, certain types of jewelry, such as rings or bracelets, can scratch or irritate the skin during a massage. This can not only be painful for the client but can also cause damage to their skin. Lastly, removing jewelry before a massage helps to protect both the client's valuables and the therapist's equipment. Jewelry can easily get lost or damaged during a massage session, so it is best to remove it beforehand to avoid any potential issues. 


Electronic Devices

Whenever possible, please silence or turn off your electronic devices prior to the start of the session. This is important because a ringing or vibrating phone can be distracting and disrupt the relaxation and focus of both the client receiving the massage and the therapist providing it. It is essential to create a peaceful and tranquil environment during a massage session to fully benefit from the experience. Additionally, turning off or silencing your phone shows respect for the therapist's time and attention, allowing them to provide you with their undivided care and expertise. By eliminating potential interruptions, you can fully immerse yourself in the therapeutic benefits of the massage and achieve a deeper state of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Silence is Golden

Many people feel the need to fill the silence during a massage by talking, but it's important to remember that this time is for you to relax and unwind. You don't have to talk if you don't want to. In fact, staying quiet can help you fully immerse yourself in the experience and allow your mind and body to truly let go of any tension or stress. So feel free to enjoy the peace and quiet, and let your massage therapist work their magic without feeling the need to engage in conversation.

By following these guidelines, you can help create a positive and relaxing atmosphere for your massage session.

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