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Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is what most folks envision when thinking of a "typical" massage. Mend takes an integrative approach to Swedish massage. Your therapist may use some combination of techniques, along with advanced stretching methods, to address your body's needs. The pressure can be light to moderate. High quality massage lotions are used. 

The table is warmed, to the client's preference, to promote muscle relaxation. Sometimes a vibration mat or a vibration machine is used to promote deeper relaxation and improved circulation.

Swedish massage is a great option when you are feeling generally sore, stiff, stressed out, or worn down as it can help improve the following:

  • stress and anxiety
  • prenatal and postnatal discomfort 
  • tight, achy muscles/exercise related muscle soreness
  • poor circulation
  • chronic pain/fibromyalgia/CFS
  • posture
  • digestion
  • headaches

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