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Prehab - Pre Surgical Manual Lymphatic Drainage

*60 minute session is full body, excluding the face or 60 minutes facial drainage if having head/facial surgery

* 90 minute session is full body, including the face

* 120 minutes is full body, including face, with extra attention to any areas of concern


Prehab sessions are completed prior to having a surgical procedure in order to optimize your post operative recovery. Prehab MLD sessions reduce lymphatic congestion, fluid retention and inflammation and improve immune system function, leading to a more favorable surgical outcome. The number of sessions you should receive prior to your procedure varies depending on your present level of health and fitness.  

Post Surgical Manual Lymphatic Drainage

60/90/120 minutes - depending on procedure(s)  

Post Surgical sessions are begun whenever your surgeon clears you to receive treatment. If your surgeon has left the decision up to you, you may begin treatment whenever you feel ready. Post Surgical MLD is useful in reducing swelling, inflammation, bruising and pain in order to optimize your post operative recovery and to reduce the risk of complications including fibrosis. Self care suggestions will be provided in order to optimize your recovery and results. Your compression garments will be assessed for effectiveness and suggestions will be provided, if necessary, in acquiring a more appropriate garment with proper fit and design. The number and frequency of sessions you will require depends on many variables including your preoperative level of health and fitness, your age, the type of surgery you've had, any comorbidities, perioperative complications, and how your body has responded to the surgery.  Please click on the Post OP tab for additional information regarding post surgical care.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Facial

60 Minutes 


This is not your typical "lotions and potions" facial. There is no application of any topical agents - it is manual lymphatic drainage targeting the face, head, neck, and décolleté. 


*This service can be done as a 60 minute stand alone session or a 30 minute add on to a full body lymphatic drainage session.

**Please arrive to your facial appointment with a clean, moisturized face. Please do not wear any makeup or bronzer. For best results, please remove eyelash extensions prior to your arrival.

Perinatal Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Fertility/Prenatal/Postpartum/Loss)

60/90 Minutes


Perinatal Massage caters to your needs, wherever you are in your birth journey. Emphasis is placed on safe and comfortable positioning with bolsters and pillows. Our adjustable massage table is especially helpful in supporting the body in a more upright position, when needed. If you have experienced infertility, loss or pregnancy related trauma, this sacred space is a safe place for you to land, as well.

* All Perinatal MLD sessions include facial lymphatic drainage as the face can become puffy, sinuses can swell and nasal congestion may increase during the perinatal period.


* Abdominal work is contraindicated, and therefore excluded at certain times of a fertility journey, during pregnancy, and if you are in the process of miscarrying a pregnancy. 

Breast Lymphatic Drainage

60 Minute Stand Alone Treatment or 30 Minute Add On

During a Breast Lymphatic Drainage (BLD) session, your whole lymphatic system will be engaged via treatment of all areas of significant  lymph node concentration, with an extensive focus on the breasts. A BLD session is ideal for breastfeeding concerns such as clogged ducts, mastitis or low milk production. If you are interested in beginning to take active care of your breasts, try a session! If you are a cancer patient or survivor, this is a profoundly useful tool in your self care kit. This is also an excellent modality to receive following breast implant removal (explant) to promote lymphatic drainage and to reduce scar tissue. A 30 minute BLD can also be added on to a 60 or 90 minute MLD session.

Wellness Manual Lymphatic Drainage

60/90/120 Minutes


A Wellness MLD session is a deeply healing modality. MLD clears your lymphatic system to reduce swelling, bloating, excess "water weight", inflammation, and pain and can improve immune system function. This is the ideal choice when dealing with health concerns, starting or boosting a fitness regime, recovering from air travel, training for or recovering from a race or preparing for a big event such as a wedding or photo shoot. MLD is also beneficial for stress reduction and when experiencing emotional strain, depression or anxiety. It is a light, gentle, soothing and relaxing modality. Regardless of the reason you are having and MLD session, you will inevitably feel profoundly relaxed afterward. 

*60 minute session is full body, excluding the face

* 90 minute session is full body, including the face

* 120 minutes is full body, including face, with extra attention to any areas of concern

Abdominal Lymphatic Drainage

60 Minute Stand Alone Treatment or 30 Minute Add On

Have you been feeling bloated? Is your digestive system sluggish? Are you constipated? Is your postpartum belly in need of healing? Do you need to shift your silhouette for a photoshoot, modeling gig, vacation, wedding or other big event? Or do you get bloated around your menstrual cycle? Targeted treatment of the abdomen, which may combine techniques including lymphatic drainage, myofascial release, Swedish massage and/or vibration techniques can help flatten your belly and provide relief of constipation and fluid retention. 

*This service is not appropriate to receive if you have any type of hernia, severe diastasis recti, acute illness, severe gastrointestinal disease, or any other severe health condition.

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