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Please note that massage therapy is never a substitute for medical attention. 

Clients may make a post operative appointment for whenever their surgeon clears them to receive treatment. Clients may not receive massage therapy over an area for 2 weeks that has been treated with any injectable treatments, such as Botox or Juvederm, or an area of fat transfer for at least 6 weeks. 

If a client is showing any signs or symptoms of post operative complications or any illness, services will not be rendered. The client will be advised to follow up with their physician or report to an appropriate medical facility.  Post operative clients MUST be cleared by their surgeon to receive lymphatic drainage. If your surgeon has not cleared you to receive lymphatic drainage, please contact them to discuss whether you may begin treatment.

Incisions must be fully covered with a waterproof bandage if they are still open or draining any fluids. Mend does not perform incisional drainage and will not provide any type of deep or painful massage techniques to post operative patients. 

Mend will not open incisions with any type of implements. Mend will not perform needle aspiration of seroma or remove JP drains or sutures. Please note that it is not within the scope of practice of any massage therapist in any of the states in the USA to perform any of the aforementioned tasks. 

Our Services

Mend Pre-Operative Consultation

30 Minutes 

During our 30 minute consultation, we will discuss your procedure, what to expect, and how to achieve a successful recovery. Consultations are also appropriate for those who are struggling with their recovery or those in remote areas who do not have access to a properly trained therapist. This service can be done as a stand alone virtual session or a 30 minute add on to Mend Manual Lymphatic Drainage session.

Mend Prehab Session

60 minutes - without consultation 

90 Minutes - with consultation 

Prehab sessions are completed prior to having a surgical procedure in order to  proactively optimize your post operative recovery. Prehab sessions will reduce lymphatic congestion, fluid retention and inflammation and improve immune system function, leading to a favorable surgical experience. The number of sessions you should receive prior to your procedure varies depending on your present level of health and fitness.  Please call the office, ideally a month prior to your procedure, to inquire about how many sessions you will need.

Mend Manual Lymphatic Drainage

60/90/120 Minutes

An MLD session clears your lymphatic system to reduce swelling, bloating, inflammation, and pain and to improve immune system function.

A 60 minute session is full body, excluding the face. A 90 minute session is full body, including the face.

Mend Perinatal Massage (Prenatal/Postpartum)

60/90 Minutes 

Mend Perinatal Massage caters to your needs, wherever you are in your birth journey. As your body is constantly evolving, you choose either Swedish or lymphatic drainage, or a combination of the two, depending on how you feel at each session. If you have experienced infertility, loss or pregnancy related trauma, this sacred space is a safe place for you to land, as well.

Mend Manual Lymphatic Drainage Facial

60 Minutes 

This is not your typical "lotions and potions" facial. There is no application of any topical agents - it is manual lymphatic drainage targeting the face, head, neck, and decollete. Other areas on the body where there is an abundance of lymph nodes will also be cleared, including the abdomen. This service can be done as a 60 minute stand alone session or a 30 minute add on to a full body lymphatic drainage session.

Mend "MLDish" Massage

90/120 Minutes 

Mend MLDish Massage is a bespoke session incorporating a 60 minute full body manual lymphatic drainage massage with a Swedish massage add on. The targeted area for the Swedish component is wherever the client needs attention to tight, tired, or achy muscles. 

Mend Breast Massage

60 Minutes

During a Mend BLD session, your whole lymphatic system will be engaged, with an extensive focus on the breasts. A Mend Breast Massage session is ideal for breastfeeding concerns such as clogged ducts, mastitis or low milk production. If you are interested in beginning to take active care of your breasts, try a BLD session! If you are a cancer patient or survivor, breast massage is a profoundly useful tool in your self care kit. This is also an excellent modality to receive following breast implant removal (explant) to promote lymphatic drainage and to reduce scar tissue. A 30 minute BLD can also be added on to an MLD session

Mend Swedish Massage

60/90/120 Minutes 

Swedish massage is what you think of when you envision a massage: kneading of the muscles, gliding strokes and deep relaxation. Pressure is adjusted, depending upon each client's needs. We take an integrated approach to treatment. Hence, myofascial release, stretching and trigger point release techniques may be incorporated to increase flexibility, and reduce muscular restrictions.

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