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Mend Mother Massage for All Stages of Motherhood

Whether you are focused on improving your health during a fertility journey, pregnant, or gave birth within the past year (or two), Mend is here for you! 

A fertility journey can be fraught with stress, pressure and uncomfortable procedures. At Mend, you can take a break from the rigors of your fertility journey and be immersed in a cocoon of care. While there haven't been any conclusive studies on the benefits of massage therapy on infertility, it is undeniable that taking time out for self care during this sometimes difficult experience can be of great physical and psychological well-being.

Prenatal massage with a properly trained therapist is important for safety of both mother and baby. Proper positioning and techniques will provide you with the greatest level of comfort, relief and safety. Swedish massage, lymphatic massage, or a combination of the two can help relieve myriad pregnancy related complaints including achy muscles and joints and "puffiness" in the face, arms and legs. And research has demonstrated that massage can benefit mood and reduce the occurrence of perinatal mood disorders.

Have you ever noticed that in the U.S., new mothers tend to be largely forgotten about while expected to "bounce back" while recovering from pregnancy and childbirth? Not at Mend. After delivery, new mothers may find themselves exhausted, puffy (or just plain swollen), and sore while adjusting to the physical changes of the postnatal healing process. Manual lymphatic drainage is especially helpful in this delicate transitional period as it helps reduce fluid retention, improve mood, improve milk production and reduce risk of clogged ducts and mastitis. And yes, MLD can certainly help you bounce back and reduce the "mom belly" as you find your new normal as a new mother!

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